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🧵 Domestic Sewing Machine – Versatility and Embroidered Elegance 🌟

470 $

  • Condition: New
  • Weight: 12KG
  • Overall Dimensions: 47*39*37
  • Model Number: MRS600
  • Operation: Manual
  • Origin: Mainland China

Product parameters

Model: MRS-600

Internal structure: aluminum alloy body+steel structure

Bottom shuttle structure: horizontal suspension shuttle+silent design

Gross weight/net weight: 12KG/8.5KG

Power: 45W servo energy-saving motor

Input voltage: 100V~240V

Needle speed: embroidery with an average of 450 stitches per minute; Sewing up to 800 stitches/minute

Embroidery pattern: built-in+self imported

Lighting mode: LED

Sewing stitch: 132 types

Screen: 7-inch touch

🧵 Domestic Sewing Machine – Versatility and Embroidered Elegance 🌟

✨ Explore the Art of Sewing with Our Multifunction Embroidery Machine

🌈 Exceptional Features :

Extensive versatility: This machine offers a variety of functions, from basic sewing to elaborate embroideries, meeting all your sewing needs.
7″ LCD Touch Screen: The intuitive, user-friendly interface is at your fingertips, offering easy control and quick access to different features. Precise Mechanical Embroidery: Thanks to its advanced mechanism, it produces remarkably precise embroidery, adding an artistic touch to your creations.

Compact and elegant design: Its modern, compact design fits harmoniously into your workspace. Mechanical Ease of Use: Despite its advanced features, it remains simple to use, even for novice sewers.

🤔 Why choose this machine?

✅ Creative versatility: From everyday sewing to complex artistic projects, this machine is your creative ally.

✅ Intuitive Technology : The touch screen gives you total control over every stitch, making sewing and embroidery as simple as it is creative.

✅ Exceptional Precision: Mechanical embroidery is executed with artistic finesse, adding aesthetic value to your creations.

✅ Suitable for Beginners: Don’t worry if you’re a beginner, this machine has been designed to be accessible to all.

✅ Functional Elegance: The combination of advanced features in an elegant design offers an exceptional sewing experience.

🌟 Turn Your Ideas into Works of Art – Acquire Your Machine Today! 🛒👗

🚚 Fast Delivery – Limited Quantities 🌈

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